Thursday, May 19

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: The Attendees

 I've shown you so many designers, now I want to show you all who attended Cincinnati Fashion Week's Finale show.

It was a family affair! Me, and my Aunt ( who worked with Lindsay Lusignolo) looking adorable.

One of the newscaster's for Fox, Sara Celi (my new friend) and her friend were sitting right behind us.
I see sequins and a gold chain necklace in the same picture! I already miss CFW.

All of Lindsay's former coworkers, they were so excited!

Sarah Celi with Amy Scalia, Editor-In-Chief of Cincy Chic. Clearly, I was in good company in the press section of the venue.

Another adorable picture of me and my bestie (who just moved to ATL) Teren Posey

Melissa Scalia was the host for the evening, and she happens to be wearing a gorgeous gown provided by the  beautiful lady she is taking a photograph with! Ashley Burnside, owner of Fetish Boutique.

Melissa, and the man behind the magic, Nathan Hurst. I hope he is enjoying some much deserved time off! This week was so extravagant!

Me and one of my new favorite people, Vivian Moore. Vice President of Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa. 
Words can not describe the level her vision, and her talent with hair took Saturday Night's show to. 

Finally, the ever glowing Adhrucia Apana wearing a creation by Amy Kirchen. How am I supposed to resist using a look with a plunging neckline, sequins, AND shoulder pads as my closer? It can't be done. 

Sorry this post wasn't sassy! I had so much fun this week, I couldn't be sarcastic towards the people who made it that way (again)!



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