Behind the Blog.

"The sense of being well dressed provides a sense of inner tranquility, which religion is powerless to bestow."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm Zach. I'm the Founder and Publisher of this here blog, The Fagazine. I live in Cincinnati, but I have delusions of being born and raised in NYC. Public Relations student, fashion enthusiast, literature enthusiast, celebrity stalker (joking), never met a cube of cheese I didn't like. The Fagazine is your source for all things fashion, I also love to make people laugh. Remember, if there is a line through a sentence, I am morally exempt from the ramifications of said sentence, so I don't want any emails saying I offended your brand, or hurt your feelings. It's all in jest, after all I am a writer with a proclivity for inappropriate jokes. I hope you have as much fun reading the blog as I do writing it.

Remember, fashion comes first, cheese comes second, and humans come third.



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