Sunday, May 15

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Johnathan Mezibov

Finally, a menswear designer who designs with equal parts of trend and tailoring in mind.

Jonathan Mezibov's collection is full of shirts that were perfectly fitted to each model, he has a very classy aesthetic to his design and it is right up my alley.

I bet you all are just going to hate looking at all the male models wearing the clothes. Sorry, please stick with me.
Photos by Ryan Seminara
I happen to know this model (Dylan) through mutual friends, and he has a really interesting tumblr. Read.

These are by far the best pair of cowboy boots I have ever seen, and I want them very badly.

I love the belt buckles and the boots catering to the western theme, and the bold purples to contrast. 

Do you think Clint Eastwood would wear this? Get it? Eh? It's funny because of the western influence. 
But not that funny. 

I love that shirt. You could wear it with a sport coat to a semi-formal event, or roll the sleeves up like here if you're going to a cook-out. 

Another pair of boots from this collection I'm insisting on adding to my closet. Are you guys taking notes? My birthday is in 177 days!

I love the bandanas on the wrist, it adds a little flavor to the typical menswear pattern. 

Those jeans are tailored to fit him perfectly. I need to go shopping. 

Since it's hard to criticize the same basic look over and over again, I think its time to mention that Jaguar and Land Rover of Cincinnati were wonderful sponsors to Cincinnati Fashion Week, and you should visit their website and say thanks! Or buy one of their cars. 

We should play a drinking game, take a shot every time the model looks directly into the camera lens!

Sir, are you bored? Because I will gladly take those boots off your hands and you can go home. 

You probably can't tell in this picture, but that is a tuxedo shirt, and I love it. I still can't get over how perfectly that fits him. 

Oh Dylan, (that's the name of his blog) can you please steal those boots for me? Great. Thanks.



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