Thursday, July 28

It's HOT. What should the boys wear??

Images via The Sartorialist and StreetFSN

The past month has been no joke in regards to the weather. The sun is out with a vengeance topping the heat index in Cincinnati, and NYC with numbers like 115 degrees. Ladies can slip on a cute sundress, or a printed maxi dress and still look chic for any outside event, but the gents who gravitate towards ties and jackets may run into some trouble.

What's my secret? It's all in the fabric boys!

This cotton jacket from Thom Browne is a perfect example. (We've gone back to print mixing again, I can't resist!) If you're wearing a jacket in the summer, your only option is cotton. It breathes, and moves with your body.

Don't be afraid to pair your jackets with shorts either. Five years ago you may have looked like a four year old going to Easter Vigil, but now its a perfectly acceptable way to dress down a look. If you do it right, and pair the jacket with a pair of fresh chino shorts, an oxford (I'd recommend a club collar), and a bow tie you'll stun your dinner party looking like you just got off a plane from the Hamptons. 

Chambray is your best friend. The past few seasons have been inundated with chambray in women's and men's wear collections. Throwing on a colored chambray button down with a pair of shorts instantly makes you look stylish in any every day situation, and it is a light fabric, perfect for the sweltering heat. So load up. 

Thom Browne has come through for us once again gentleman, with his line of linen shorts. Linen is the lightest, and most comfortable fabric you've never tried on. Oh yeah, its supremely en vogue for menswear right now.

For lounging around with friends, or running errands I would invest in a unique collection of graphic tees. The weirder the better. They are a conversation piece, and let everyone know you care about how you look even though you're just hanging out.

I hope this helps gents! Try not to melt, we're almost to September!


Wednesday, July 27

Tom Ford knows. Do you?

Images via Tom Ford

I'm fairly confident that this is a secret, but I would do horrible things to get in the head, or other areas, of Tom Ford. I have never seen a garment that I wouldn't wear, he is always on the cutting edge of Men's and Women's Fashion.

Tom Ford's Ad Campaigns for his Eyewear were phenomenal in 2009.
Here's why:

A hot guy (Jon Kortajena) who is also privy to my favorite form of style, print mixing. 

In 2010, he (or his PR team) knocked it out of the park two seasons in a row.



Just in case you thought I was going to tell you his campaigns were less than exemplary in 2011, let me stop you right there. 

Words cannot describe my need for that floral tuxedo jacket. But if someone bought it for me, I'm sure I could find some. 

I heart Tom Ford, forever and ever.


Wednesday, July 20

Come tumbl away, tumbl away come tumbl away with me

Get it? "Come tumbl away" instead of come sail away!

I'm hilarious, I know.

I also am on vacation, and will continue to be in said state until Saturday the 23rd. But fear not.
Just because I don't have time to post on The Fagazine doesn't mean I'm not posting on my Mini-Blog!

Go to my tumblr, and get your fill of me.

You'll see wonderful pictures that catch my eye, and quotes galore. And I can do it all from my Blackberry!
You hear that Blogspot? Get your shit together and make a Blackberry app so I can blog in detail on the go.

Gwen Stefani's children are ridiculously stylish.

Tom Ford perfection. 


Miu Miu is what I want my bed made out of. 


Here is a link to my tumblr one more time in case you forgot about the first one already... Okay bye.

Sunday, July 10

T-Shirt Time!

This week, it has been brought to my attention by several readers, that The Fagazine needs to invest in manufacturing some T-Shirts.

Would you wear my face around town? It would definitely be a conversation piece.
Lips or no lips? (The logo with the lips won't say "Zach Shumate" it will just say "The Fagazine")
Let me know in the comments!


Friday, July 8

I'm Still on the Vintage Kick.

I assume everyone that reads this blog has heard of the fantastic womenswear website called ModCloth. They've got ridiculously adorable clothing, and accessories for impossibly affordable prices. But what you may not have known is that they also have a fantastic selection of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces! ModCloth adds at least one vintage item every day, and they sell out quickly. So check back often and you could have an item like one of these for your own closet.

I know you might be wary of vintage clothing because your grandma lent you a blouse that smelled like mildew and dimensia, but these won't. All vintage pieces acquired by ModCloth are of the highest quality. I know bedbugs are terrifying, but if they lived on these clothes they'd be deadbugs.


Thursday, July 7

Daily Dose of Perfection

I thought everyone could use a heavy helping of celebrity fabulosity to brighten their Thursday evenings, so here you go!

Images via: The Vogue Diaries

I am obsessed with vintage looks lately..

Kim Kardashian, wearing a lighthouse as an engagement ring.

Farrah Fawcett, is that you? Annalynne McCord looking vintage and flawless in NYC.

Frocks are probably my favorite trend ripping through Hollywood right now, Ashley Tisdale, Carrie Underwood, and Elsa Pat are doing it right.

Gwen Stefani is the new Sharon Stone, with more style, and better hair. Serious vixen moment, "No Doubt." Hehe, get it?

The pattern on that dress is insane, but even more insane is the Alexander McQueen belt Maggie Q slipped in there without you noticing.

Uma Thurman has always been, and will always be a Red Carpet dynamo. How many celebrities can look so cool and composed in cobalt blue? The Cannes Music Festival was in for a treat that night.

My favorite look of the past month, Whitney Eve. In case you couldn't tell, her bag is encrusted in Swarovski Crystals. Killer. Her dress is by Haute Hippie, and her sandals are Minolo Blahnic Jeweled T-Strap Sandals.

The weekend starts tomorrow, so take these pictures as inspiration. Go forth and be fab.

Who is your favorite fabulously dressed feline?


Wednesday, July 6

Mama Bear in Louboutins

I am on the go today Fagazine Faithfuls, but I couldn't pass up sharing this picture of Victoria Beckham I stumbled upon.

She is the most fabulous pregnant woman I have ever seen, even at a soccer game. Never the less, her I-will-rip-your-nuts-off expression, combined with the dramatic movement of her cardigan makes me think she is carrying Edward Cullen's second child.

Clearly her pregnancy hormones have turned her into the Hollywood Hills Tyrant, and she has the other celebs running.

Poor Diane Kruger has gone incognito! But someone forgot to tell her that such intense print mixing will only result in more speculation from fashionistas.

What say you Fagazine readers? Too much print mixing, or did she bring the perfect amount of vagabond chic to this look? 

In my opinion, if she lost the jacket (This picture was taken at LAX, there is no way she needs a chunky knitted jacket anyways.) the outfit would be perfect. Those sandals are to die.


Tuesday, July 5

Claire Stegman: Richest Little Girl in the World

Claire Stegman
"Richest Little Girl in the World"

"My collection was inspired by Doris Duke, a 13 year old tobacco heiress from the 1930's. My garments were created for a young woman who embraces her femininity, elegance and poise, a modern day Doris. The collection centers around youthful silhouettes created from rich fabrics." -Claire Stegman

This photo shoot features fashion from designer Claire Stegman, a recent graduate from University of Cincinnati's college of DAAP. She's one of the newest designers whose clothes look like they could be seen walking down the runways of New York and whose editorials look like they could be seen from the pages of VOGUE. This shoot is a fine example of the culmination of myriad of incredibly talented people: Hair by Tim Ferrier, Makeup by Erica Stewart and Jewelry by Maggie Smith of Velvet Antler. These stunning photographs were taken by Rachel Schwartz, modeled by Fagazine Fav Model Taylor Thompson of Wilhelmina Models, Courtney Meyers of Wings Model Management (who was recently seen as the face of Cincinnati Fashion Week), and stunning blonde bombshell Leah Cultice, also of Wings.

For more information on Claire Stegman and the design and creation of her senior line, check out her blog: Through the Eyes of Doris, and for business inquiries or to purchase any of the looks you see featured, email Claire here.

Make-up: Erica Stewart
Hair: Tim Ferrier
Photography: Rachel Schwarz
Jewelry: Velvet Antler by Maggie Smith
Models: Taylor Thompson, Wilhelmina; Courtney Myers, Wings; Leah Cultice

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