Tuesday, May 17

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Lindsey Lusignolo

Zach is in black, Ryan is in blue.
 What a perfect opener.Its volume makes it such a statement piece, yet it is still totally figure flattering because the sheer tulle allows you to see the fitted underdress. Clothes like this that are fashionably showy, a little avant garde and yet completely practical are what every woman needs to stuff her closet with.
If Black Swan had ended with Natalie Portman mixing her crazy dual personality issues into one lesbian-kick ass-dancer-swan, this is what she would wear. And isn't that the perfect criteria for you to want this for an evening out?
 Semi fitted bodice, charmeuse fabric. You get a little hit of sparkle from the front...
The lights go down as the Drag Show is starting...

 ...and then BAM. She knocks you out with a metallic applique.The back of this dress is the most spectacular I have ever seen.
...and then BAM. She bursts into the song Toxic by Britney Spears, sending you into the highest heavens of gay club euphoria.

Dress with a fitted bodice and a three tiered skirt.
Lindsey is amazing at taking a basic concept that you've seen before and amplifying it in a way that makes you say, "Holy shitballs, my gay bff is going to litchrally RZ die over that dress. I need it right now." The layering of the grey tulle under the black is adds so much drama I'm calling this dress "The Thespian."
 It is clear that Lindsey designs her clothes from a 360 degree perspective. She leaves no lumps, bumps or rumps unconsidered.
 Black skirt with a sheer chiffon overlay, a little boxy, but still very interesting. Proportion of the little top to the long skirt add just the right amount of interest to this achromatic look. Loved the draped neckline.
Chanel would have given her left tit to wear that silhouette. So chic. I also am obsessing over the draped neckline.
The tailoring of the bodice is cohesive with the rest of the collection because of the draped fabric around the hips which sits right on the ostrich feathers.
This is the most visually compelling LBD in the last ten years. I wonder when Nicole Scherzinger and her legs will get their hands on this one.
 Twisting in bottom of the skirt. Jersey can help flaunt the best of bodies and can be completely body hugging, but the asymmetrical drape and the criss crossing and twisting of the fabric is just the distraction a body consicious wearer might need to pull off this look.
I wish we had video, because the way the skirt moved when going down the runway was so gorgeous.
 Beautifully draped with a fishtail hem and extended train. The more rigid satin material is on the outside, and the flowy chiffon is on the inside.

 Gathered neckline, Mermaid dress + fishtail hem >>this is something I've never seen before.
This is another look that Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is rolling over in her grave about right now. I love how this dress is classy and daring at the same time. From the knee up, you're a classy elite, from there down you're a fashion force to be reckoned with.

 I am officially hooked on ostrich feathers. OFFICIALLY EFFING HOOKED. Favorite minidress of the night.

Asymmetrical hem with a dropped waistline.
I adore the color of this dress, and the fabric twisting throughout this collection is so interesting, making the already innovative dresses even more captivating.

Delicious. Delicious. Delicious.

 What is there to say about this dress that hasn't already been said. This dress is gorgeous, and I am still obsessed with the fabric twisting.

My Favorite Dress of the Entire Fashion Finale:

 Simple vs. Chaotic.

Beautiful, I don't know what else to say.
Don't worry, I always have something to say. Going along with what Ryan hinted at above; this dress was simply breath taking on the runway. And my favorite part of it is how it brings (what we think) is the theme of the entire collection to the forefront. Fusing simplicity and chaos into one garment. The front of the gown is so classic, and the back is extremely complex. 

The gown is actually a wedding dress, and I love that the simplicity and chaos theme goes so well with a bridal experience. The bride is walking down the isle, and the first thing you see is her angelic front side, and how serene she looks. But when she walks past you, the incredibly explosive train is exposed. It's like a portrait of a wedding. What you see is the perfect outcome, not all the madness that led up to it. 

I think this is the perfect time for me to mention that it is complete and utter bullshit that I don't have the right to get married. 

Lindsey Lusignolo is such an intelligent designer, structurally and creatively and that shined through in this collection. 

Zach and Ryan.


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