Sunday, May 15

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Amy Kirchen

Amy Kirchen's collection was full of classic feminine silhouettes, (with the exception of the swim wear, but I mean.) as a gay who favors sartorial freedom I love women who wear menswear. These dainty, sexy silhouettes were a nice change of pace. 

Photos by Ryan Seminara

Such an adorable pattern on that blouse, and I love the high waisted skirt.

This model has THE LONGEST legs I have ever seen in my entire life, and that jump suit showcases them beautifully.

The hair for each of these looks matched the clothing perfectly. The ladies of Mitchells Salon and Day Spa, and Pump Salon did a phenomenal job.

That necklace is so gorgeous, we couldn't get a close up shot. So take my word for it. I called this look, "bombshell blue" in my notes. She looks sexy, and she knows. Have you ever seen a better example of a sex eye? (Kim Kardashian's signature magazine cover poses excluded.)

I love rompers. But so many of them from Forever 21 have turned into booty shorts with halters attached. 

This one is perfect. Rompers are supposed to be sexy and classy. 

I love this top because the pattern is so busy, it can take away from any imperfections you feel your body has (not that my readers have any), and it's constructed in a flattering way. So you get an automatic hourglass figure. 

I am deceased over that camel skirt, but I have a question. Why didn't anyone tell me Sigourney Weaver's daughter was walking in the show?!

Dear model, your smolder is duly noted, and it is deliciously sexified. But, you're wearing a gorgeous dress and perfectly tailored jacket which both go perfectly with your skin tone. Don't you like smiling and sunshine?

Another classic feminine silhouette. That belt is so detailed and interesting, it would enhance any outfit. 

I love that print so much! Another one of my favorite parts of this collection is that most of the skirts, and dresses have pockets. Utility + Fashion, just like Hannah Montana we've got the best of both worlds.



Anonymous said...

Sigourney's Weavers daughter is my daughter, Bianca Maier age 14, yes 14!

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