Monday, May 16

CFW After Party @ The Weston Art Gallery

Ryan and I decided to give you dual commentary for this post. It worked out well. 
It's kind of like reading a dialogue, like the ones going on inside Courtney Love's head. 

Zach is in blue. Ryan is in black.
 Bathing in maribou feathers? Glamorous. I told her if I saw her vagina I would sue. She assured me she had panties on. I'll never stop being afraid of the vagìn. 
 6 Vodka Cranberries + 18 Donuts = Drew is still as drunk as he was before the 18 donuts. 

She was wearing lace leggings with her ass hanging out, and silver stripper boots Christian Louboutin's AND she invited me to her closet to see the rest of her collection. Don't get any ideas lady, I've been out of the closet for a long time, and I DON'T plan on going back to Narnia any time soon. 

A cage dancer behind a wall of mirrors. Creepy. Mysterious.
I found Roman Polanski's illegitimate son. 

 Zach and our new best friend, Emily Dannemiller, of Foundry M.
Emily made that dress, and her ear rings are vintage swarovski crystals, she was a hit at the gay club.

This is exhibitionism. She refused to give me that feather for my hair. 

Designer Amy Kirchen wearing one of her own creations, while standing with her friend who is also wearing one of her creations. They're both so adorable! They look like Tinkerbell's best friends! 

 Melissa Scalia in a killer jumpsuit she picked up from Fetish Boutique, and her brother, Pete Scalia, of Dapper Man.

Its Rihanna and her backup dancers! Where are their umbrella ella ellas?

 It's the Jaunting Kerr's and company! You should read their travel blog, its fabulous.

 This is nightlife.
I spy a woman who is not near drunk enough.

Finally, the glitter you've all been waiting for. Um hello, didn't you see the Amy Kirchen picture glitter has been delivered? She's painting glitter onto everyone who wants it. And who wouldn't? I didn't want any. It clashed with my shirt. Look at her tattoo. Clearly she knows whats up. No, she looks like a voodoo sorceress. 

So chiggidy check out the Weston Art Gallery, featuring the artists whose art I didnt even photograph, woops.
I guess we'll have to make up for it in our good looks. We're so humble.

Zach and Ryan.


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