Monday, May 16

Cincinnati Fashion Week Finale: Avni Trivedi

I thought about saying all of this myself, and then thought: Well damn, the folks at CFW did a pretty amazing job, so why not let them do the talking?

"Avni focuses on offering fashion collections that are environmentally responsible and support the centuries-old artisan cottage fabric-making industry in India. All Avni designs are crafted from fabrics that are commissioned exclusively by Avni. These fabrics are hand-made, utilizing customs that are hundreds of years old and uphold the tradition and history of Indias celebrated artisans. By requisitioning these fabrics, Avni not only helps maintain economic stability for artists, but also helps keep these ancient arts alive. All fabrics are 100% hand-dyed and woven by individual artists. The dyes used in Avni creations are chemically free, using herbs and plants to create colors. Avni's naturally dyed fabrics are created by urban artisans from Mumbai, who use their talents to create the environmentally friendly fabrics." -CFW
Also, it was a perfect time to tell you to go read Nathan Hurst's blog, the Founder of Cincinnati Fashion Week. 

Photos by Ryan Seminara.
I'll probably be saying this a lot in this post, but Avni is a pro at taking traditional Indian garments, and putting a modern spin on it. For example, this top has a shape hugging blouse with a gentle overlay, sexy while still incorporating the Indian traditions.

I can't fathom the time it took for that garment's fabric to be hand made in Mumbai. But they're about to get more impressive. 

I love the thick, rigid fabric of the jacket with the light scarf on top. It's the same contrast the rest of the collection holds 

I LOVE those pants. The way they're all scrunched up is so cute! They're a new take on the harem pant.

I swear I didn't do anything to terrify that model. Besides, she's got great legs, high heels, and even higher shoulder pads. She is invincible.

Yet another fabulous character put on by Jessica Cornetet to match the designers aesthetic. I absolutely love that the jacket has strings to tie it closed.

The separated collar on these two looks makes the model instantly more muscular. If you have broad shoulders to begin with, I wouldn't recommend wearing this look because it will just emphasize them.

The snood collar on this sleeveless number is something I have not seen before. But I dig it. Does the snood double as a hood? It's worth investigating. You never know when a fashionable woman needs to go incognito.

The pleating on the front of this look is a definite attention getter. Which I totally respect. But I will never go to the same party as a woman wearing that top. She'll get more attention than me.

Once again, let me remind you that the fabric is hand effing made. Spectacular.

This dress is my favorite in the entire collection. It highlights the best part of a woman, her midrift, and is very forgiving for the rest of her body, the structure with the soft fabric draped over top is to die. 

How gorgeous is that train?? I must say, so to die, I'm deceased.

Another gorgeous pattern, another flattering dress. This collection was certainly made with the confidence of a woman in mind. 



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