Saturday, April 30

Movie Reel

This summer is going to be packed with blockbusting movies.
I can not wait! I spend almost as much money seeing movies as I do on my wardrobe.

Ryan Gosling is in this one that comes out in July, which is an automatic must.


K, bye.


Thursday, April 28

Book Club

I am going to tell you all what I am reading. Then tell you to read it.

Prepare yourselves.

I thought about typing the title. But, its right there. On the book. You guys aren't that stupid.
Anyways, its laugh out loud funny. I know you'll like it. I mean, you read this blog.

I'm a sassy gay.

Freeman Hall, is also a sassy gay. (Forgive his frosted tips in the portrait on his bio page.)
At one point he refers to a customer as a "nasty ass greasy hobbit theif." 

What else do you want from a book? Also, it started as a blog.
Which gives me hope that I may one day do the same. 
Except, I will run a magazine. You did notice that the second half of my blog ends in azine right?

Read the book.  Bitchez. 
See how sassy I am? I just called you guys bitchez.
Don't take it personally. Without readers this blog is dumb.
Dumb I tell ya.


Delicious Dudes in Designer Duds.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My internet decided to not work. All. Day. Long. I felt so cut off from the world.

I love clothes, and I love boys.

This is but a continuation of my segment, Fashionable Fella. I saw an opportunity to further the amount of alliteration in the post title, so I took it.

In any case, here are some fashionable slabs o' meat.

David Beckham looks even better off the court than on.

Kellan Lutz and Jude Law should switch outfits. Kellan is the one making a career out of playing a vampire.

Matthew Morrison and Will Scheuster have become one.

Ryan Gosling has come a long way since Remember the Titans. Remaining just as adorable. But much more fashion forward. I'm thinking of remaking Remember the Titans, except the titans will be Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. Like it? Dig it? Sounds time consuming. Someone else can do the work. I'll slap my name on it.

K, well maybe I'll post again later. Maybe I won't. Its a crazy life I lead as a blogger.


Tuesday, April 26

How am I supposed to supplement this?

The only male hetero friend I have had since I was a child sent me this video on Twitter.

It is perfect. I don't even need to get all Equality Bitch to get my point across.

Ryan has a super liberal blog that I read all the time. He deleted it.

But still, he sent me that video. So follow him on twitter.

Okay! Well, I don't have much else to say.

Just remember: Gay is the way.


Hit me in the face with fashion.

My favorite part about fashion isn't monitoring trends from season to season, or trying to emulate a designer's look through a more attainable budget. (Even though I do both all the time.)

The best part of fashion is when I'm walking down the street and I see someone wearing something utterly ridiculous, and werking it.

When you're debating whether or not the outfit you have on is too much, and say fuck it, you're en vogue.

via streetfsn

Sillybanz for adults:

Just do it, not as in Nike. But because you don't give a shit.


Monday, April 25

Everything related to Glee is relevant.

Here is Heather Morris's video for Esquire Magazine. (But Still.)
I will never read this magazine, because they're clearly a bunch of douche bags.
They make it very clear that none of their readers are gay enough to watch Glee in the article.

Fuck you Esquire.
Don't try and fool your readers into thinking watching a show about acceptance and ridiculous scenarios is okay! Stick to scratching your decaying balls and playing smear the queer. Ignorant hetero's are a dying breed. Let me be the first to see you assholes off. You should all be quarantined with Donald Trump and his hair in one of is overly opulent towers that attest to why this country is financially fucked.

My soap box is crumbled. I put it back under my bed.

Heather Morris is a diva. Despite her hilariously idiotic character on Glee.

Which is on tomorrow. For 90 minutes.
And the theme is "Born this Way" by Gaga.

Will I blog about said episode of Glee?
You bet your sweet ass.

Enjoy this video. She's fierce.
Yes, it looks like single ladies. It's okay. She danced for Beyonce.


Rachel Zoe's big girl collection.

Bye bye QVC, hello Neimans.
RZ has been resurrected from her million deaths, this collection is ba-na-nas.

Rachel Zoe
F/W 2011

This collection is right up my alley, because the celebrity stylist turned designer took every style of dress she could think of, and maxed out the drama.

Images via Project Rungay.

Sarah Palin goes to the grocery story in Wasilla. +Drama

Lauren Conrad gets in a drunken fight with Heidi Montag. +Drama

Naomi Campbell loses her weave, and her attitude at a business meeting. +Drama

Flight attendant goes to lunch in NYC, and gives a passerby the sex eye. +Drama

Portia Degeneres on Ali McBeal. +Drama

White girl trying to look Mexican at a club in Cabo. +drama

I don't like this one.
It makes her skinny ass look frumpy. And it's a borderline skanky minidress. How does it do that?
How do I like baseball games? Things we will never understand..
So, a look I don't like. +Drama

Lindsay Lohan having brunch in the Hamptons. +Drama
Why Lindsay? Why not.
She doesn't need any more drama in her life, but I had to keep the trend of the post.

I love this look so much there is nothing I can make fun of it with.
Bohemian Chic. +Drama

The movie Soul Train. -Soul +Drama

Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon. -Stupidity +Drama

Kourtney Kardashian needs this outfit. -Scott Disick +Drama

Flawlessness. +Drama

1974. -Tie dye +Drama

Snuggie. +Drama

Pantsuit. +Glitter & Drama

If the video for Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells was filmed in Alaska, and not the desert. +Drama

The uniform at Constance from vintage Gossip Girl. +Drama


If you're not swimming in fabric, you're not having fun. +Drama

A crazy ginger secretary waiting for her boss in the conference room, legs spread. +Drama

The jacket is neither here nor there. 
Those lace up Rachel Zoe for Brian Atwood boots don't need any drama added. Perfection.

In the comments, tell me dahlings. Did you think RZ brought the drama? 
Or is this an episode of RuPaul's drag race waiting to happen.


Saturday, April 23

Listen ta DIS.

Ryan just told me I needed to listen to this remix of Britney's Till the World Ends.

He said it might make me RZ die. That is a serious assumption.
Rachel Zoe dying is the highest class of being gay dead.

Looky Looky, Listen, Listen:

I didn't RZ die. I RZ gave birth to a gaybie.
That's a gay baby. Its better. Its impact is greater than dying.
Its giving life instead of ending it.
So you, deal with that.

Tell us in the comments: Did you RZdie?

Zach. (and Ryan.)

Designer of the Month

The designer of the month for The end of April/May, is one lady who probably likes a little tea with her scones.

Jenny Packham
S/S 2011

Jenny is a favorite Red Carpet stunner for Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, and Dianna Agron.

But is it any wonder why? Her designs are so effortlessly glamorous, I am about to use a word that I detest so much, I might have to throw my computer away after I type it. Every gorgeous, and undoubtedly illiterate fashionista will describe this collection as ethereal. They would be right.

Say goodbye to the dark designs of The Row.

And say hello to the deliciously feminine silhouettes of Jenny Packham.

Here are my favorites from the collection:

All the fabrics and movement in these looks are breath taking. But this last look is everything.
It is a dress plucked from the hands of the fashion gods.


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