Sunday, June 26

Dapper Dylan

Today, The Fagazine was thrown an opportunity to put together a photoshoot in two hours. I think we did a pretty good job. Having access to an Oscar de la Renta tuxedo, a Lanvin bow tie, and the always stunning Dylan Notestine didn't hurt. But I'm still pretty proud of how everything turned out. The Fagazine posse met my bestie Heidi Palmer to tiggidy take some photos in the rain, in the park. She knocked it out of the park as usual, incorporating both film and digital images. The camera loves Dylan, and so do we. Expect to see more of him in the future!

ALL images courtesy of Heidi Palmer Photography.

Digital Photographs:

Film Photographs:

(My favorite.)

To see the full shoot, (these are only my absolute favorites) go to Heidi Palmer Photography's Flickr.

To confirm your belief that Dylan is as interesting in person as he is behind the camera, check Oh Dylan.



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