Tuesday, June 21

DAAPworks Fashion Show 2011: Alyssa Work

Alyssa Work 

"My grandmother lived her life with two renowned passions: her garden and fashion. This collection is about me, a young lady who is coming of age and carrying on the admiration for fashion and florals after her grandmother has passed away. By harmonizing the luscious blooms of her grandmother's garden with the illustrations left behind from her grandmother's portfolio, a collection is fashioned that reflects both adorations. The young lady keeps the gardens thriving and creates the gowns her grandmother never made. By taking various details and silhouettes from her grandmother's illustrations, and incorporating blooms, petals and textures, a collection is created that is nostalgic, feminine, and floral." -Alyssa Work


vivian said...

DOUBLE WOW....Stunning! Speaking of stunning,.. is that Taylor Kraemer in the last two photos? I LOVE this collection, Congratulations Alyssa!! Great job done by all,... okay I admit it,.. you know I couldn't help but do their hair in my mind as I was looking at the pictures, not that it wasn't beautiful,... I'm in Fashion Week mode again, I leave next week for Paris to enjoy the privilege of working with Oribe for Mr. Armani's Prive` show. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to work with Alyssa someday.

Ryan said...

Yup! That is Taylor Kraemer, she was amazing the whole night! Also, thats so exciting that you are working with Oribe again for the Armani Prive show! You're incredible and I cant wait to see the hair/ hear all about it!!!

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