Saturday, September 10

Football Season: What to wear

Football season is here, and no matter how much we try and deny it, we'll have to break down and go to one of the games, or at least a viewing party.

But never fear, your favorite gay has constructed the perfect outfit with which you can show your lack of team spirit! Just because you have to wear a jersey to one of the games, or some kind of team memorabilia, doesn't give you the excuse the schlep something on the rest of your body. Fashion doesn't look kindly on those who schlep.

There are two reasons to go to a football game: 1) You spent too much money last month, and promised your man you'd suffer through a football game with him to make up for it. 2) You don't have a man, and you need to find one before the holiday parties roll through. This outfit is fitting for both. You'll look hot, stay warm, and show team spirit. Ready?

Why the hell do I always ask if you're ready before showing you something?

Don't think I forgot about a bag to go with the outfit, darlings. You'll need something large enough to fit a copy of Us Weekly, and Vogue because by the second quarter you'll be ready to go get drunk. 

This second outfit is geared towards an evening out with a group of friends to watch the game. This situation is ideal, because the venue can be anywhere from casual to semi-formal (door #2 is the way to go, this allows you to flex your sartorial muscles) and there is no need to adorn yourself with horrid team color-schemes. Insert fashionable but evil victory guffaw here.

No need for anything huge in the bag department, you shouldn't need anything but make-up for touch ups, your Blackberry, some form of money, and your ID. 

Alexander Wang Adriel ostrich effect leather clutch.

If by some cruel stroke of fate, you don't get your way and end up going to some dive filled with drunk people in sweatshirts and mom jeans, I suggest this: Wear a predominantly black outfit with a touch of attitude. If nothing else, fashion is perfect for making a statement. For this scenario don't bring a bag, it could get stolen.

If you have an event coming up and you don't know what you should wear, e-mail me! I'm sure I've got some ideas in this head of mine. 

Until next time!



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