Tuesday, August 30


If one more person says to me "Why would you want to go into fashion? It's so shallow." I'll lose my mind.

I'm about to take y'all to church.

I am a creative person, I've always been one to outwardly express the way I'm feeling. Fashion is a way to do that without having to say anything. For others Fashion is a shield, wearing a blouse with a busy print might be a way for a woman to cover up an imperfection in her physique that's particularly detrimental to her self confidence, a brightly colored pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels could be the perfect show stopper to help a business woman distract herself from her latest deposition. (I'm the king of run-on sentences, don't worry about it.) Fashion transforms people, it provides a way for us to be our best selves, or to be someone else completely.

As for my wanting to work in the industry, my explanation is simple: Fashion is one of the most cut throat industries one can be a part of, and I happen to be a very strategic (and competitive) person. That, combined with the creative aspect of the clothing, merchandising, and style is a perfect recipe for my career. Sounds wonderful right? Well don't get too excited, I haven't even graduated college yet.

Does that satiate your insatiable desire to understand the fashion industry? Didn't think so.

But I feel better. 

Hey! Don't forget to RSVP to Cincinnati's FNO on September 8th!

I can personally guarantee that if you show up impersonating either of the Olsen Twins you will be featured on this blog.

Get to it. 



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