Friday, August 26

It's Friday

It's Friday and Rebecca Black dropped out of high school last month, all is well.

I don't know what the hell that has to do with anything we're going to talk about, but aren't you happy you know now?

Here's my Favorite Fashion Fotograph from the past week, guess where I found it!

Oh, oopsie! I found that on my other blog, Personally Public Relations! If you were thinking I was above shameless self-promotion, you were wrong. But in all fairness, that image didn't originally hail from Personally Public Relations, it hailed from the Hasselblad at the hands of Mario Testino while photographing Kate Moss' wedding reception. The white ducks wandering into the laps of fashion's most powerful women probably weren't staged, that would be too far below these sharp artistic masterminds. (I'm not telling you who the women in the photo are, because you have to go to my other website to do that! See, I just self-promoted again! But, if you don't know who (from the left) the first, second, and fourth women in the top row are, stop reading my blog.)

Okay bye!



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