Thursday, April 28

Delicious Dudes in Designer Duds.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My internet decided to not work. All. Day. Long. I felt so cut off from the world.

I love clothes, and I love boys.

This is but a continuation of my segment, Fashionable Fella. I saw an opportunity to further the amount of alliteration in the post title, so I took it.

In any case, here are some fashionable slabs o' meat.

David Beckham looks even better off the court than on.

Kellan Lutz and Jude Law should switch outfits. Kellan is the one making a career out of playing a vampire.

Matthew Morrison and Will Scheuster have become one.

Ryan Gosling has come a long way since Remember the Titans. Remaining just as adorable. But much more fashion forward. I'm thinking of remaking Remember the Titans, except the titans will be Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. Like it? Dig it? Sounds time consuming. Someone else can do the work. I'll slap my name on it.

K, well maybe I'll post again later. Maybe I won't. Its a crazy life I lead as a blogger.



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