Wednesday, July 27

Tom Ford knows. Do you?

Images via Tom Ford

I'm fairly confident that this is a secret, but I would do horrible things to get in the head, or other areas, of Tom Ford. I have never seen a garment that I wouldn't wear, he is always on the cutting edge of Men's and Women's Fashion.

Tom Ford's Ad Campaigns for his Eyewear were phenomenal in 2009.
Here's why:

A hot guy (Jon Kortajena) who is also privy to my favorite form of style, print mixing. 

In 2010, he (or his PR team) knocked it out of the park two seasons in a row.



Just in case you thought I was going to tell you his campaigns were less than exemplary in 2011, let me stop you right there. 

Words cannot describe my need for that floral tuxedo jacket. But if someone bought it for me, I'm sure I could find some. 

I heart Tom Ford, forever and ever.



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