Sunday, July 10

T-Shirt Time!

This week, it has been brought to my attention by several readers, that The Fagazine needs to invest in manufacturing some T-Shirts.

Would you wear my face around town? It would definitely be a conversation piece.
Lips or no lips? (The logo with the lips won't say "Zach Shumate" it will just say "The Fagazine")
Let me know in the comments!



Anonymous said...

I like the no lips one, it's more simple & you can focus more on "the fagazine". =) I would love to have one to wear around Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Nein on the lips. I kinda like the blue one... would this be on a white shirt?? I would like to see it on a black shirt with The Fagazine in white. Fatties like me can't wear the white- pit stains lol

Zach said...

We'll look into a black design, I like the idea of a black shirt!

Heidi Palmer said...

I vote no lips! Love the design! I think you should give people the option between black shirt with white logo and white shirt with blue logo. And I want one of each... :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the blue maybe on a black shirt with the white. Is there anyway you can post what they'd look like on the shirt?

Zach said...

We'll work on a prototype for both and put them on Twitter and Facebook. So make sure to "like" and "follow"!

Ilene said...

Black shirt, no lips, The Fagazine on the back. Love!

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