Wednesday, July 20

Come tumbl away, tumbl away come tumbl away with me

Get it? "Come tumbl away" instead of come sail away!

I'm hilarious, I know.

I also am on vacation, and will continue to be in said state until Saturday the 23rd. But fear not.
Just because I don't have time to post on The Fagazine doesn't mean I'm not posting on my Mini-Blog!

Go to my tumblr, and get your fill of me.

You'll see wonderful pictures that catch my eye, and quotes galore. And I can do it all from my Blackberry!
You hear that Blogspot? Get your shit together and make a Blackberry app so I can blog in detail on the go.

Gwen Stefani's children are ridiculously stylish.

Tom Ford perfection. 


Miu Miu is what I want my bed made out of. 


Here is a link to my tumblr one more time in case you forgot about the first one already... Okay bye.


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